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Hello! We're New Here!

Alessandra Spaulding Talk Time Boston

My name is Alessandra, and I am thrilled to introduce you all to Talk Time Boston, a new speech language private practice in the Greater Boston area. Born and raised in Massachusetts, I'm so excited to be able to work with local families and be part of the community here.

Talk Time will be enrolling new clients starting in September 2022, providing flexible, high-quality, data-driven services customized to your child's needs.

Let's break that down!

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Flexible: No kid is the same. So why would we expect their speech therapy services to be the same? Not every kid will thrive with the once a week, 45 minute speech therapy model. Talk Time is thinking outside the box! We offer lots of different possible approaches including a variety of session lengths, a blend of teletherapy and in-home visits, parent consultations, monitoring sessions, and more.

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High Quality: Everyone claims to have high quality services, but what actually makes quality therapy? At Talk Time, we always base our therapy on a current evaluation of your child's profile and we use both evidence-based approaches and clinical expertise to determine our treatment approach. We also re-evaluate our therapy frequently -- every 3-4 months, we provide a written progress report to let you, the family, know how your child is doing. This is a time that we, as clinicians, reassess our treatment plan and work with you to make adjustments as needed.

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Data Driven: We love data! No, seriously, we love data! Every session, we collect both qualitative (descriptive) and quantitative (numeric) data on your child's speech and language objectives. We think critically about your child's progress each week, and we know that progress is not linear. There are always ups and downs, so taking data allows us to see the trends and patterns to help your child reach their objectives faster!

Learn more here.

But Talk Time Boston strives to be different in other ways, too. We are interested in building community. After becoming a mom a few years ago, I realized exactly what it meant when they said "it takes a village". But where was my village? The pandemic certainly didn't help. And Googling Baby poop five times a day and Baby sleep regressions was not the most helpful either.

When it comes to language, we want to help families know what to expect and how to feel confident about their child's communication development and communication progress. That's why we designed our modules! These small, intimate sessions with a licensed SLP provide information as well as time to ask questions and share with other parents. It's a perfect way to build community with other like-minded families who have children of similar ages as well -- something I know I was always searching for as a new mom. These are so much more than just a PDF or an online course.

Currently, we are offering two modules starting in the summer of 2022:

Birth to Birthday: Infant Communication: Perfect for parents who are expecting soon or who are in the first six months postpartum. Learn what to expect as baby grows up and how to encourage language during normal, every-day life. Get an easy-to-follow packet of ideas, meet other parents, and ask questions to a real-life SLP.

Talking with your Toddler: Perfect for parents with a toddler between the ages of 15 and 36 months. Toddlers are hard - they are little bundles of emotion and energy, and there is so much variation between them, especially in terms of communication. Learn what is normal and when to see an SLP. Learn fun tips and tricks to get your toddler talking and communicating in their daily life. Meet other moms with other crazy toddlers.

Interested? Check them out here and sign up today!

Talk Time Boston exists for you and your family. We would love to hear from you. Check us out on Instagram @talktimeboston, where we share tips and tricks, debunk speech myths, break down milestone infographics, and more.

You can also find us on Facebook or send us an email at

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