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Feel Confident At Home

Here at Talk Time Boston, we believe that parents and children should feel confident about their communication development and communication progress. That's why we designed these courses!

Modules are for you if you ...

Read more below or check out our handout HERE for more details!

Feel unsure how to support your child's communication

Want to make sure your child keeps on track with communication milestones

Are struggling to make weekly therapy work for your family financially

What's Included:


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Five recorded modules divided into short videos so you can learn at a time that is convenient for you


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A private facebook group where you can meet other parents and interact with Talk Time SLPs 24/7


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A live weekly chat with a speech pathologist to discuss the modules, practice strategies, answer

questions, and support your family in a small group setting

These courses are like five weeks of parent coaching sessions for $50 each making them both affordable AND educational. The information you receive is what we typically teach the parents of our clients during their first months of therapy!

Infant Communication

Birth to Birthday and Beyond

Parenting is hard! We're here to help! This parenting module includes four hour-long sessions that go over what to expect as your child goes from first sounds to first words. These small, intimate sessions with a licensed SLP provide information as well as time to ask questions and share with other parents. 

Proud Mother

Talking With
Your Toddler

Whether your toddler is just starting to talk or won't stop talking, this course is for you. This parenting course includes five modules separated into short videos for you to watch and learn. Build community through our private facebook group during the week, and then join us for a coffee chat where we discuss the videos, answer questions, and support your family in a small group setting. 

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