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Finding the Plan for Your Child

Talk Time Boston is an outpatient speech and language practice specializing in pediatric speech and language disorders.


Our mission is to provide high-quality data-driven child-led services customized to the child's and family's needs.

Therapeutic Social Communication Group (

Our Services



Complimentary screenings to determine whether further evaluation is necessary



In depth assessment of your child's profile with a written report of findings



Therapy provided to help your child attain their speech and language goals

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Caregiver Coaching

Sessions with parents or other care providers to educate and collaborate

We help children build skills in a variety of areas including articulation, receptive language, expressive language, social language, fluency, reading and written language, self-advocacy, executive functioning, and higher level language.

We also work with children experiencing communication challenges secondary to autism, ADHD, anxiety, Down's syndrome.

Enrollment Process

Job interview

Initial Intake

To start, we will ask you some questions to find out a little about your child and how we can help. We look to see if your child has had any evaluations or therapy before to see where to start. (Prefer to have a call instead of doing this over email? ... we can do that, too!)

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Intake Forms

Fill out our intake forms on our online portal. These forms give us more specific information about your child's communication skills -- their strengths, their interests, and your concerns.



Enrollment Form
Do you have a current evaluation?
Which service(s) are you interested in?

Thank you for reaching out. We will be in touch soon.



... I am an atheist and don't believe there's magic in the world, but from interaction with Alessandra and Nicole since 2019, I believe people can create miracle by using their professional knowledge creatively and unremittingly. I have to say, my [daughter] is lucky to meet Alessandra and Nicole. And I strongly recommend Talk Time SLP service


Ms. Nicole has worked with both of our kids, and we could not be more thrilled to have found someone so skilled at what she does but also encouraged our kids to be excited to see her each week. She was very intuitive and meticulous about what was and wasn't working for them, and she would try new techniques or approaches if they needed them. We could not be more pleased to see our kids flourish and speak

confidently to others.


We are fans of TalkTime because of Nicole! Nicole has been coming to our home for speech therapy for almost 3 years. She is intuitive and always thinking of how to creatively engage and help my daughter to develop, and my daughter looks forward to her weekly visits!

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