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Private Pay Clinic

Talk Time is an out-of-network provider who provides superbills for reimbursement.


We are also committed to accessibility which is why we offer a sliding scale for families who benefit from a reduced session fee.


What is a Superbill?

A superbill is an itemized form used by healthcare providers which details services provided to a patient. It is given to patients to submit for reimbursement and is the main data source for creating a healthcare claim with insurance providers.


Every insurance plan and each child’s diagnosis is unique, therefore, the process may vary slightly from plan-to-plan. For this reason, we encourage all our new patients to use the number on the back of their insurance card to call their provider directly and determine the reimbursement specifics for their particular plan.

Here is the general process:

Learn more from our blog post all about PRICE for private practices!

Insurance FAQ Handout (1).png


The Sliding Scale

Talk Time Boston is committed to providing accessible services for families. This is why we offer a sliding scale payment model.


How does it work? Those who CAN pay more (or whose insurance will reimburse more), pay the full fee or higher amounts on the scale. And those who would not be able to access therapy or would experience financial hardship, pay less on the scale. This allows more people to access services to support their children's needs.


The sliding scale model only works when people are honest about their financial situation. We, at Talk Time, will not ask you to explain your decision. But we do want to offer some helpful resources to help our families navigate these economic factors (which go beyond simply income).

If you are a family who would benefit from using this sliding scale model, please let us know. 

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